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Film Music Reel ​(2011-2013)

Highlights of William Austin Smith's original scores

Cues from Gerik Gooch's "Trustworthy"​

Produced at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Trustworthy is about a straight-laced scientist, Ray, who takes on more than he bargains for when one night he meets and falls for the luscious and mysterious Sonja, who happens to be carrying $200,000 of stolen money in her bag. When the rightful owner comes knocking in the morning, all seems lost. But Ray has a few tricks up his sleeve. So did the director of this film. Many of the scenes were cut to very specific musical phrases in the temp music, often by David Holmes, and to great effect. So in many cases I tempo-mapped almost beat for beat what the temp music was doing.

Cues from "Children of Wax" (2012)​

Also produced at UNCSA, Children of Wax is a dark live-action fairy-tale with beautiful visuals and a unique plot, concerning a witch, innocent children and lots of magic. With the amazing production design work of Tayler Sommers and the dazzling visual and audio effects of Rachel Fowler, I had great material to work with. A good deal of this music is a combination of various live performers mixed in with sample-based mockups. This score was a collaboration between myself and Dan Anderegg, who shared in both the pure compositional elements (score-writing) and the more effects-based elements (e.g. making an orchestra sound like a screeching cat).

The Soundtrack of Our Lives (2011)​

This concert piece is a sonic exploration of the universal human experience of love; the excitement, the mystery, the loss and the hope.

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