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"Justice" short film (2012)

edited and scored by Austin Smith

William Austin Smith - Editor
1560 N Laurel Ave, Los Angeles, CA


Editing Reel


Live at the Five-Spot in Atlanta, GA

The Indie Revenge


Edit for video and audio in film, television and commercial media.


I have edited independent films, television commercials and musical pieces. Also, I am trained in film music composition and have an extensive background in sound editing. Recently I edited the short film Justice, which won the 2012 Audience Choice Award at the Doobious Film Slam in Atlanta, GA.


Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Logic, Pro Tools, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Filmmaking Experience

I have experience producing films, commercials and corporate videos. I have written, photographed and edited for television commercials. I have composed and produced original musical scores for short films, animations and commercials. I have filmed and edited musical performances for The Indie Revenge, the Tree-O of Love, the Jacob Deaton Quintet, Brian Hogans and The Bohemian Dream Band.


North Carolina School of the Arts         MFA in Film Music Composition                   May 2012
Valdosta State University                      BBA in Business Management                    Dec  2008

Work Experience

• Director/Producer for industrial videos at Coastal Home Care, LLC (2012)
      -Photographed and edited a promotional video, and a 25-minute employee orientation video package
• WSAV, NBC affiliate station in Savannah, GA – internship (2011)
      -Wrote and edited videos for broadcast
      -Photographed and Photoshopped for marketing projects
• Editor/Composer for Drew Giles Films (2010-present)
• Producer/Editor/Composer for Kinetic Arrangements, LLC (2008-present)

Special Skills

• Film Music Composition: I produce original musical scores for visual media
• Music Editing: Experienced in Music Supervision, Transcriptions and Score-Prep
• Acting: Performed lead in several short films
• Business Management: Communications, Accounting, Project Management

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